Huge Advantages of Sugar Cane Juice

Sugar cane juice is very popular for so many poor people in the world especially those who stay in warm weather; they like to drink sugar cane juice with ice. And most of the people drink it when they feel tired or extremely exhausted because after drinking it, they feel like they just took magic […]

Bad Habits That Give You Belly Fat

One of other main causes to reach a big belly is eating habit. Belly fat is very bad for both men and women, but women would get more disadvantages than men because women would lose the attraction from men if they had a big belly. To stay slim or fairly thin, you should consider giving […]

5 Reasons Why Women Date Older Men

Although many people keep saying that love does not involve with age with many reasons, most women love men who are older than them and only a few percent of women in the world loves men with similar ages or younger ages. Naturally, women are considered as the kind of weak or vulnerable people, so […]

Yeast Infection Treatment Without Using Medicine

Life will be always terrible if a respective person doesn’t care their health. Yeast infection can occur on every person’s mouth or even on other spots in the body and it normally happens to every human who doesn’t pay attention to self-hygiene. It can happen to not only young children but also all people in […]

World’s Largest Lizard – Komodo Dragon

Probably, you used to see many different kinds of lizard in your home country especially if you are in Asia, you will definitely encounter those lizards. But absolutely, you never see the biggest lizard with your own eyes and know how big it is. Some other people may think that gecko is the biggest reptiles, […]

Most Gentle Tiger in the World

Tiger is naturally fierce and wants always to eat fresh meat; however, there are still some tigers bred in a pagoda called Tiger Temple Ta Bua in Kanchanaburi Province of Thailand which is locally known as Wat Pha Luang. Nowadays, Tiger Temple attracts so many people both local and foreign to visit and try the […]