The Two Weirdest Fundraising Events

By willing to help the poor, donation by doing fundraising is very interesting for those charity people whose mindset is full of sharing perception. Even if they are willing to save the poor with the effortless working, they cannot have enough resource to fulfill the exceeding needs of millions poor people around the world. So every charity action or event that is called fundraising comes in many features. Some charity people use their inner capability to earn much for providing helps to help-needed people, but some others do not have enough own money to donate. Therefore, they are thinking of how to collect money and transform it to donating stuff such as food, book or some more aids.

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Coming along with the ideas of sharing, many types of fundraising events have been hosted and we notice that a few of those events are extremely weird. Do you know who weird those events are? Please read through the content and see some strange pictures of fundraising activities.

Boob Touch – In 2014, there were about 12 Japanese adults who are, mostly, film stars willing to give boob touch so that they could render a lot of money for Stop AIDS charity. About 2,000 fans who joined that charity event gave the donation, 15,000 Euro. The joiners were very excited as they never believed that their boobs could make that much money and contributed to the society.

Naked Photo Shooting – Earlier of this year, Australian veterinary students were asked to take so many naked photos to put on the calendar and sell. All money from calendar sale was donated to poor farmers who were working on the farm. Young and beautiful adult students were happy with photo shooting with several kinds of animals such as pig, dog, horse and some more. At the first time, they felt shy but happy at the end as all of them expressed their true happy feeling after the photo shooting finished. They were happy to participate in a fundraising event and all happy to see farmers got financial aid.