Crazy New Year Celebration in Three Asian Countries

Most of the countries in the world celebrate their New Year Celebration on the 1st day of every year, but only three countries, Cambodia, Thailand and Burma of which New Year Days between April 13th – 16th. As most of their citizens are Buddhists, they mostly go to Buddhist pagoda and invite monks to take some chanting to dedicate merits to their ancestors. Inviting Buddhist monks to pray or recite Dharma is not bad but why the title of this content says

Yes of courses, being grateful to the ancestors is not bad but the two things really crazy is crazy dance and crazy powder paste on every road in the city or even in the countryside.

– Crazy powder paste – People from everywhere both from urban area and city are really excited with throwing baby powder or paste it on the cheek of joiners. Most people who drive along the road where players are playing around always messed up with baby powder on clothes and most of their body. No matter what types of vehicles are you driving, motorbike or car, powder pasting players are still able to interrupt you to stop the vehicles and give your some power smears on your face. In Thailand, people are not minding the powder paste even some players strongly smear powder on their face. Most people know only how happy they are while they join New Year Celebration and none of them get angry with cheek touching.

– Crazy Dance – This happens on Pub Street in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Most people really enjoy crazy dancing at Pub Street from normally 9 p.m. to around 3 a.m., and during the crazy dance at Pub Street, crazy dancers also play around with powder paste and water shooting to each other. Not only at Pub Street but also at Angkor Wat, thousands of people are busy with dancing with some water spray over by extinguishers arranged by local authority there. Meanwhile, in Burma, people do not play much with powder but water gun or water splashing. Surely, you cannot feel how happy the Near Year Celebration in these three countries is if you have not tried it. So you should take a chance to travel to these countries to join and being happy with Cambodian, Thai or Burmese people.