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3 Most Poisonous and Dangerous Snakes in the World

We have seen so many creatures on this world; some are very gentle and need pets from people, but some others are not, they are very fierce and dangerous or even harm people going close to them. If we talk about gentle creatures, we cannot count in just one article because there are so many […]

World’s Largest Lizard – Komodo Dragon

Probably, you used to see many different kinds of lizard in your home country especially if you are in Asia, you will definitely encounter those lizards. But absolutely, you never see the biggest lizard with your own eyes and know how big it is. Some other people may think that gecko is the biggest reptiles, […]

Most Gentle Tiger in the World

Tiger is naturally fierce and wants always to eat fresh meat; however, there are still some tigers bred in a pagoda called Tiger Temple Ta Bua in Kanchanaburi Province of Thailand which is locally known as Wat Pha Luang. Nowadays, Tiger Temple attracts so many people both local and foreign to visit and try the […]